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Respect my time, Honey

No! Sorry babe! Your time is not my time, dude! One thing that I cannot stand is when people don’t keep up with their time and they do not respect your time. It’s damn irritating and shows a sheer lack of respect for you as a person. So many times you must have been ditched when the person informs at the last minute that he or she can’t make it. Or when you call to confirm a date or an appointment, the person don’t even pick up the phone or doesn’t have the decency to send a SMS to confirm that he or she can’t make it.

I have important things to do in my life. It’s not that I can forever wait for you and you tell me that you can’t keep up with your promise. I mean you have the whole day to tell me and why wait for the last minute. It’s damn screwy. I’ve witnessed it so many times. If I call you and tell to catch up for a movie and you nod in approval, I do not expect that you make me wait for the whole while I’m like, what time she’s gonna call. I sit in the lurch and can’t do my work in the belief that you will call in the few minutes. I call you and you cut the phone as if you are unaware of everything. The whole thing goes kaput!

The problem is that people are not conscious that their small acts can be so pissing or worse spoil a friendship or working relationship. From an ethical point of view, people must understand the thumb rules existing in any relationship be it work or personal-it’s Win Win and not Win Lose. If I want to Win in a relationship, I must also ensure that the other person also Wins. No relation can be based on Head I Win, Tail you lose. With Win and Lose, mistrust creeps and lead to miscommunication. Several times, I’ve been a victim where my time is not respected and I feel like gunning the person down.

I always make it a point to tell the other person that I cannot make it and always revert to the missed call through sms. This is the basic of ethics and trust me it helps to determine the relationship whether you will grow together or break apart. I am not speaking of love relationship but from a work or business perspective. It shows how much you mean business. It really makes a difference to the second or third-party.

A lil’ prayer so that people would respond accordingly and take the small extra pain to respect our time coz both my time and your time is sacred. As the old adage goes, Respect begets respect. Next time, think how would you feel if promised something and when the time comes I fail to respond. How would you feel if your day is screwed?





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