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Shammi Kapoor: Flamboyance stays forever

Today we lost a jewel. The true yahoo boy,the most flamboyant star in the history of Hindi Cinema, Shamsher Raj Kapoor,our own Shammi-ji. Shammi Kapoor in his last days remained young at heart, his joie de vivre and indomitable spirit remains admirable. An actor who left an indelible mark in the roles he portrayed on-screen. Be it Tum Sa Nahin Dekha, Professor, An Evening in Paris, Junglee and Rajkumar. Shammi Kapoor went on to become the founder and chairman of the internet users community of India (IUCI).

An actor who was always ahead of his times and his audience didn’t often know how to react to his movies and character portrayed. He was often the playboy in his movies and while watching him on-screen, one feel that it’s not a sin to be a playboy and flamboyance is classic and never goes out of style. I am from Gen X but one thing I know that he is timeless and his movies can never be termed as old-fashioned. He was the rebel and despite our age gaps I could relate to him. He was Shammi Kapoor and he carried his heart on his sleeve.He lived up to his identity and cuts across generation. His spirit and verve for life should set an example to people of my generation. A generation that often tend to give up at the slightest problems. Stress takes a toll on us and many from our generation just wanna crumble and leave everything and drop dead. We can’ t take stress and if not for our support system-parents and friends-easily give up. So many young people seek abandon and commit suicide. But, in fact its’ running away from our problems. Not Shammi-ji.He smiled at the face of adversity.

Papa was huge and crazy fan of Shammi-ji. As my granddad witnessed he would imitate Shammi-ji after watching his antics on-screen a la Yahoo and jump and imitate the thespian actor.Yea, Dad would perform his act Chahe koi mujhe Junglee Kahe..Why not? Rightly so, that was Shammi-ji’s effect on-screen.

Shammi-ji you left an indelible mark in our memories and hearts.

May you continue to inspire millions.

The light has gone in our heart.

Yet, you shall continue to enlighten us and our vision of cinema.

You redefined sexy, flamboyance and seduction in your time.

May you remain forever and ever with us.

Love as always.




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