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Delhi Belly: Wacky, tongue in cheek


CAST: Imran Khan, Shehnaz Treasurywala, Poorna, Kunal, Vir and Vijay Raaz

Delhi Belly takes place where…yeah no prize for guessing in the crowded streets and cramped apartment of Delhi. The story of Tashi (Imran), Arup (Vir), Nitin(Kunaal), Menka ( Poorna) and Shennaaz. It’s tongue in cheek, in your face comedy for one hour and 45 minutes. In short, a laughing riot and the moment the movie unfolds, it takes you to the fastest lane of Delhi at neck-breaking speed.

It is for the first time that such kind of cinema has been attempted and is path breaking, could well be opening the door for this genre, appealing to the young generation. Fuck morality. Abhinay Deo’s Delhi Belly is an in your face comedy and all hell break loose in the movie. As the title suggests, Shit happens as the dudes and babes get themselves entangled with the mafia and the Don played beautifully and viciously by Vijay Raaz. This man is so fucking good and is the show stealer in several scenes.

A beautifully scripted movie if there is any script at all. Such kind of movies doesn’t require a script. It is all about an idea germinated in the head and about situation comedy. It’s wacky, tongue in cheek, slick with awesome performances on the part of the actors. A special mention to Purna who has tremendous screen presence and plays the role of the defiant women who has no qualm to kiss and have sex. She displays tremendous sex appeal. The best part of the movie is the invectives shooting throughout the movie which forms the backbone of Delhi Belly. Imran is so fucking natural good in the movie and Kunal’s character is made the chutiya throughout the movie. I can personally relate to the gaali which may well be the college anthem.

Weakness…err! Is there any?! Perhaps the songs should have been played in full coz the music is sooooo fucking gud. No justification of morally good and bad behavior in Delhi Belly…Anyways, what is morally good or morally bad? The band of guys make their own moral values and the ends justify the means. It is daring, absolutely outrageous and it’s difficult to make such bold movie with reference to sexual movements. This is where Deo succeeds. There is a thin line between being bold and avoid being vulgar. Delhi Belly is bold but not vulgar.

Finally, congrats Abhinav Deo for making such a great movie which will surely open the door for many more movies on the same line. The face of cinema is changing and rightly so. Delhi Belly carries repeat value and deserves to be watched over and over. Finally, Aamir Khan comes in an item number along with Anusha Dandekar in the end credits and generate thunder…I hate you like I love you. A true show stealer and Amir is so endearing in his three minutes item number. A visual treat to see the actor enjoying himself.

A word of caution, though: avoid buying chicken piece on the streets and avoid gulping orange juice while watching Delhi Belly..wondering what’s the fuck??? err! watch it…

Rating: 4 star

8 out of 10

PS: Review of Buddha Hogaa Tera Baap coming tomorrow…sweeties, lemme watch it first.



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