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Critic for a Day:Ready reviewed

Hey folks what’s up. I made my debut as a film critic on Friday. Unfortunately, I couldn’t share the direct link. So far, the feedback has been positive but I have miles to go. Below is the review of Ready and let me know.


Not Quite Ready

Salman Khan doesn’t make movies for awards but for box office bonanza and entertains the masses. This time, he teams up with South siren Asin and director Aneez Bazmee in this comedy flick. This is no Dabbang and Wanted for that matter. Bazmee works on the same old borrowed, tried and tested formula, It looks that the director who gave us entertainments such as No Entry, Welcome and Singh is King has lost his magic touch as the characters are not well-defined, loose script and loud acting on the part of multiple characters.

Ready is the story of Prem(Salman) and Sanjana (Asin) who falls in love and they have to fight the greedy uncles of Sanjana who to appropriate the wealth left by her deceased parents. Prem convinces his family to be part of his conspiracy to trick his lady-love greedy uncle and on his way to reform them.

Salman Khan does his job as demanded by the script and he is at his usual self and what he does best. He charms the audience. Asin is endearing as the bubbly girl and tries to recreate the magic of Ghajini. Unfortunately, the script fails to justify the talent of the lead actors. Paresh Rawal is at his natural best and proves once again that he is one of the most talented actors of the Hindi film industry along with Mahesh Manjekar as the father of Salman Khan. In fact, both of them are the saving grace of the movie produced by Sohail Khan. One plus point is the good chemistry shown between Salman and Asin.

The problem with Ready is that the concept has been borrowed so many times and he fails to give a fresh treatment to the movie. It moves at a snail pace. Director Bazmee tries hard to make the audience laugh with the comic scenes. It has its light moments but clearly not enough to make a laughing riot.  The guest appearances of the likes of Sanjay Dutt, Ajay Devgan and Kangana Ranaut does little to the quality of the product.

The problem with Ready is the loose script which doesn’t take off, scenes heavily borrowed from the super hits of 70s and 80s as well as loud acting on the part of some of the characters.

In terms of songs, character dheela and dhinka chika stand out as it struck a chord with the audience and has mass appeal. Coming back to the film, better you rent the DvD’s of Bazmee earlier successful movies or 70s and 80s. Watch it only if you are a huge fan of Salman Khan.


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