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Happy Holi

Holi celebrations, Pushkar, Rajasthan.
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Rang Barse bheege chunarwali rang barse..the teaser song every guy loves to hum to a gal during holi as the girl runaway from him..Holi hai bhai,holi hai bhai, bura mat maan..Yippie,today is Holi. Happy Holi,folks. Holi ranks among my most favourite festival, the other favourites remain Diwali and Ganesh Chaturthi, not necessarily in that order.

We l wait for the day to come as we get bhang-ed as we let our hair down  during holiday. During my teens and my college days, not so long ago, i would wait for Holi to come and dance to the tunes of colours as our friends would splash colors all over our face and our white Kurta redesigned in various textures. Or, the party we had at Corinthian club, Pune for Holi where we had so much fun. Year later, we had so much fun with the gang near my college, Fergusson. I still remember how we were denied entry in a hotel opposite college, savera just because our face were simply made up like clowns. The poor waiters had to bring tea for us outside and we really felt like homeless beings as a result of our multi coloured face and clothes. This was the time and as I look back on memories of Holi, I just exude a smile, wishing how those fun times would come back.

I am not in India right now and I’m terribly missing my Holi. i have my Holi songs for company and memories to cherish. Before leaving for work, I shall apply a tilak on ma forehead and hopefully, next year, me and Holi shall have so much fun as we shall gyrate to sensuous Holi songs. My favourite remains, Rang Barse powerfully and playfully rendered by Amitabh Bachchan. Nothing can beat Big B in this Holi song. The one from Sholay is also beautiful so is Holi khele Raghuveera wadh ke from Baghbaan but nothing like Rang Barse.

Happy Holi



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2 thoughts on “Happy Holi

  1. Hay Vishal, roshan send me the link to your blog and I had no idea what had happened to you, it looks good, what you write.
    I can empathise with you on this, especially on the part geting bang-ed…
    keep on writing, best of luck on your work.

    1. Hi Chandana, it’s been a pleasure seeing you here. It’s been long-ish tym and wen I saw your comments, I was taken by surprise. Completely unexpected, dude!!!Temme what’s u up to?Didn’t knew that Roshan had my blog link. Cheers
      Keep in touch

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