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Happy Fraanship Day

Happy Friendship Day,folks:)

Friendship Day is celebrated across the world on the first Sunday of August. A day to celebrate with beings who  were, is and are part of our lives. We may not meet like we used to during our college days.Some have moved in a new region,state or country, are happily married or due to some ego hassles, may choose not to be in touch with us.

Speak about Eternal friendship.As a very good female friend of mine,once told me:

“Vishal, your friends may not be with you,forever”

True,with time all of us have to move on with life.That’s the law of life.Or it isn’t?

Some remain in touch,some don’t…clashes happened and they make their priorities, fresh life and new friends. But,the memories cherished remain entrenched in our lives and memories stay forever. Especially,the ones who were with us during the college days.The eternal vow of friendship.New friendship are made and,may be, like every relationship, friendship reaches an expiry date.But here, I challenge this view.

Happiness expressed as friends I’ve made have remained with me.They are my strength and distance has brought us closer.We still remain in touch through phone,facebook,email..The intention is here,the vows are here and it’s for a life time.There are some friend who died..never imagine that life would be quisling…how he left us and went one fine day in another world.sad I am but happy coz I am know he is watching over us and the changing equations.

Sad I am coz some of us have proved the coined term right:Friendship has an expiry date.

You have moved ahead in life,let a disagreement over ride every thing.The ME factor been stopping you from calling or dropping a Hi.Was it a Use and throw relationship?I’m afraid it’s true but hope it isn’t.Never mind,we shall keep everyone in our heart and the memories remains forever and we shall take it till the grave.

Speaking about Friendship Day.I smile when I think of the Friendship band which is bought and sold on the streets and how we celebrate the day,tying the band on the hands of our dearest friends,painting our t-shirts in various colours,giving flowers and gifts as a token of friendship and the beautiful sms received early morning on the virtues of friendship…woken up  the sms beep or in the night,walking down FC Road,past good’ ole Fergusson college,the city was adorned with beautiful People and the atmosphere of friendship,the hugs and everyone beaming and smiling,shirts and the body painted with slogans of friendship.

Come Monday we rush to college and our hands are tied with friendship band…the wrist are tied up with bands of various colours,we never compalined of the lack of space and we thought life would remain beautiful forever.

A big thank for the souls who stood by me during good times N bad times,who listened to my dreams,no matter how stupid it was,my banter,getting drunked,singing in the rains,having coffee,saying bhenchod,maderchod,laughing.The ones who stood rock solid,we sailed through..some of you may have moved out of the space and are busy ,doing your stuffs…….

Just 1 thing guys and gals.

I love you and will always love you.These were cherished moments , integrated in my veins.Im not feigning stuffs…

Love to all my friends.

Happy Friendship Day.

Love to U.




Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

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