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A day at work.

Hey guys and gals wassup??Yesterday was my first day in office and stayed till 22:30 and I spent the day correcting and editing text of journalists who reported incidents and events.I came home very tired and was only able to watch the second half of the match Brazil played against South Korea.Post-the match,I went on onto reading a new book R.K Narayan’s The World of Nagaraj but slept.

How it gets going in the office?I met a few colleagues in the office and then one have to wait for the text or report to reach my Desktop and I click the header”Work assigned.”Time to read the text a few times and look carefully for gramatical mistakes and closely scrutinise for words and punctuation missed.Then,if there is a need to break the whole text and re-write it in a proper and presentable manner.In the start,it’s smooth but towards the end I received a text and I took almost 2 hours to re-edit it.The snag was that somebody has translated a whole French text into English and it goes word by word.Certainly,it makes the work more complex.

Well,I’m going to subdue my anger with regards to this emphatic translation of French to English and since I’m binded by a contract.Therefore,I chose to overlook all stupid things which I come across for the time being.At the end of the day,one expresses relief that a day’s work is completed and it will go to press.A Sub-Editor is the last line of defense for a media house and the sub-editor should have concrete knowledge about issues which pertains to national interest as well as International affairs.The job consists in correcting any form of anomalies and badly written script or reporting.

Work timing is very flexible.One can have their lunch,coffee or smoke break at any time of the day,provided you don’t indulge in lukkagiri or don’t evade work.Therefore,the work environment looks quite cool and one can go for a walk at any time and puff a cigarette outside.Yesterday,the Web designer distributed some sweets since it was the Mundan ceremony for his son.

Brazil won yesterday in what I describe as a fierce battle against South Korea.The latter have put a good show against the giants of football,Brazil,and they were rewarded with a stunning goal towards the end.Clearly,it was not enough but it’s a honourable defeat.Score:2-1.But,it was a good match and both teams entertained us with a beautiful display of football and,I think Brazil looks like they are going for this one.

Till to say bye and get ready for work now.We shall catch up in the evening and stay beautiful.

Love to one and all.




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