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Bealaguered scriptwriters!!

April 30,2010:Last day of April and tomorrow we celebrate Labour Day and ushers in a new Month..Hopefully,the new Month shall be a good one coated with optimism,joy,good and effervescence which shall stimulate one’s life.

My neck-pain hasn’t withered out but rather it has accentuated and it’s been troubling me for a quite a while now.I can’t really move my neck,right and left,up and down,without being afflicted by the pain.I wonder how some People are able to live with body pains and illnesses throughout their life and still manage to smile.Such beings are very graceful and I wish to learn from them.

I’ve just read an article how script-writers are shoddily paid for their work and it’s indeed sad since the script-writers are the ones that make a film successful or memorable for that matter.No wonder,over the years,the Indian film industry has been churning forgettables flick.For a person to write a wonderful script they need to be paid well and handsomely so that their creativity gets a high boost and at the same time be able to stay with the flow.Sometimes,writers have to stay with the script for three to four months minimum and they need to survive as well.To add to their woes,they are very rarely given copyrights for their own work and,most of the times,a big name or Corporate house bear rights for paternity for somebody else work.What a shame!I can’t imagine some other moron claiming my work?Then,where is the creativity and the long process involved in building up the work??This can be very frustrating.

Somebody spoke of script labs whereby writers are monitored and given some encouragement or boost is welcomed since writers are very lonely and the task can be strenuous and depressive,to say the least.I think they should form a writers’ company and give each other’s inputs and conduct a writer’s workshop where scriptwriters’ from various countries can meet in order to exchange ideas on a common platform which shall lead to improvement in their work.Similarly,strategies and proper marketing should be devised on how to market themselves in order to get a fair deal on the market.

I know quite a bit about the problem.It’s not easy to be a writer consider the kind of mental agony one can live.Sometimes,it’s for hours,days and months and if the idea is failing you,you don’t realise what on earth hit  you.Nevertheless,I’m happy being creative where one is able to churn stories and tell to the world.

“If money fails me,my undaunted and fighting spirit shall not”

Have a Wonderful Friday.




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