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One thing which forms part of my life’s anathema is when People do not respect our time and take us for granted. I loathe the idea when you have to meet someone at a specific time and they do not respect out time.They take things so casually and forget about a huge apology, not even a small apology is being formulated. They behave as if nothing has happened and that our world belongs to them.What a shame!

One thing People: Treat People the way you want to be treated. This is the Law of Nature. There are some People who can never change in terms of attitude and culture. Such People can have no respect for themselves as well. I mean, it is a synonym of their attitude towards their own life and their own perspective to life. Such People are often lazy and they are scared to go and face the world in terms of work ethics and outlook of life and they often have a myopic view of life.They constantly stay in their own shell.

Whenever I have a missed call on my cell phone, I make it a point to call back or send a message that I shall get back to that Person. I think it is very important since the other Person has lots and lots of things to undertake and one cannot make the Person constantly wait for you.Give a final decision to someone and avoid dilly-dallying or playing with Someone.It is of paramount importance if you want to succeed in your Personal and Professional life.

There have been instances when I’ve been waiting for someone for a meeting only to be told after a long time that things cannot be sorted out and no ultimate decision has been reached. Damn it!Why did you call me then? It shows your character and your intellectual level and it’s like fooling around. Trust me, you are really fooling around with People’s feelings and you are complicating your own life and when you come back to me, I shall remind you what you did.Next time, I’ll be sorry not to help out and sort out the matter. Everything that you gives comes back to you. For instance, there are People who practice verbal violence and shout no reason whatsoever…and the invectives shootout do not make the things easy. But, I choose not react in the same way since I still respect you as an entire being and if I react in the way you respond, there shall be no difference between you and me. I have been brought with certain norms and values and it forms part of my broad education.

This is a point I wished to share with you folks. I have immense respect for People who never take People for granted and who respect human beings, irrespective of their Religion, caste, level of education and wealth.I have observed so many idiots in life like that and I pity them for their lack of foresightedness.

Bye Bye.

Have a Wonderful time ahead.



Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

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