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October 29,02:42 a.m.

02:25 a.m.Thursday 29 October:I woke up in the midst of some cool dreams two hours back.I was with two of my dearest friends in my dreams and we were sitting next to the sea.Imagine I was telling them how the sea is deep there and that one should not dare to venture into the water.
Apparently,yesterday I went to bed quite early around 19:00 thinking that I would wake up in two hours time.But,I was lil’ bit drunk and tired and so I dozed off.Two days of work are left,including examination sheets to be corrected.So,a group of four of us decided to take Daaru and we went to the beach.The beach,Albion,is a beautiful beach,a small one,with not many people around and a far cry from the maddening crowd and we guys were left in peace.Not necessarily peaceful,showers of rains were coming and disturbing our small parties and we had to protect our drinks and snacks.It was crazy man but nevertheless fun.It’s really amazing sitting around drinking and merry making plus facing the sea.Great therapy!
I was just wondering as human beings why are we so afraid to leave our comfortable closets and venture in new arenas,whether it’s one’s country or any other new place.The main thing is fear and we are way too much happy and self-contented in our life.When we were born we were fearless but over time,we have acquired some fears and weaknesses in life on which we tend to stumble in life.I’m also speaking for myself.When I get used to a specific place,region or people,I become wary and insecure to explore new possibilities.But,life is not exactly the way we perceive the universe,There are lots of joys,happiness and experiences to feel and which we are not probably aware of.Till we are self-contented we will be self-contented.
Why is there lot of sufferings in the world and in our world?This is the magic of the great Almighty who wants to teach us and till we don’t suffer we shall make no efforts to overcome them.It is here that lies our strenth and excitement is badly needed in the life of a human being.He or she will have to search for himself or herself.What we have achieved in life is very less in response to our enormeous potential which largely remain uncatered for.We can do much more than what we are doing right now.The potential is here but till we do not realise its imapact on our lives and others’ lives,nothing will happene-good or bad.
Shubh Ratri.


Work-in-progress, seeker, and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian!!!

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