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Blasts in Mumbai:The failed political leadership

It’s been a week since the blast happened in Mumbai and it seems that our politicos class haven’t learned anything. They’ve been barking endlessly and trying to get their usual political mileage sending a signal that it doesn’t matter if people are suffering as long as their communal and racist agenda is further to garner their vote banks.

It wouldn’t matter if we witness another communal riot or if our Mumbai burns again and, for that matter, another Godhra, Babri mosque-Ayodhya happens again, as long as it suits their interest…

Our dear Mr.Narendra Modi who is famous for his communal antics…the killing of innocents in Gujarat(refer to was speaking live in front of  Taj whilst our soldiers were fighting terror, going on air to say that he wanted to enter Taj. That’s splendid and I mean, criticizing the Government. We all were doing that, but…Modi-Ji, on that day we expect everyone irrespective of Congress or BJP  to stand together and stay united because the country’s interest matters the most. But,we were wrong. Our man went on record saying that he came straight to Mumbai. After all, he had to come. It means to give a boost to his communal speech and he even offered financial help to the victim’s family.  Thankfully, all is not lost and the average Mumbaikars has not lost its conscience where the wife of late Vijay Salaskar lead by example by refusing Rs.10 crores. A fitting slap to Modi and let’s hope he will understand or else just too bad.

There’s another duffer our ex.CM, Mr.R.R Patil who, accompanied with his supporters was heard saying that in a big city like Mumbai such things happen.., well-beingI’m sorry Mr.Patil…it doesn’t except the carelessness and irresponsibility of your likes.

We have our dear Lal Krishna Advani who is ranting with his Hindutva agenda and who refused to accompany Prime Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh on the blast sites to meeting our jawans and the victims. Reason: Mr.Advani had to address a political gathering. Guess the act of winning the elections matters most. So, what if the city is burning and suffering in hell. The truth is our intelligence and the whole system has failed to protect the average Mumbaikar.

Now, where is Mr.Raj Thackeray who cares so much about the well-being? Where was he? Rather that beating and attempting to drive poor UPites, Biharis out of the city or attacking Mr.Amitabh Bachchan for not doing enough for the city, in particular, Marathi manoos, Mr.Thackeray, if he really cares, should do something to combat terror or go after the merchants of death. The Shiv SENA rather than attacking college-going kids in Maharashtra for celebrating valentine day, destroying Archies galleries or terrorizing college by storming in and out.

Enough politicians with your gimmicks and goondagiri. You haven’t done anything concrete for the city, apart from triggering communal violence, mosque demolition, raping innocent women and children from minorities. If today our MUMBAI IS BURNING ITS BECAUSE OF U GUYS. BUT PEOPLE HAVE UNDERSTOOD NOW and u guys not getting ur way this has been proven by the post-blasts demonstrations. Public opinions are largely against u. If u can’t contribute anything positive, Fuck-off. The country doesn’t deserve such kind of political system and failed leadership.



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