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Teacher’s day:6th august…

Teacher’s day is a time for us to spare some thoughts for our teachers’.Today,if we are what we are in terms of our creativity,personality,the way of looking at things  objectively free from religious,caste and gender bias, it is largely due to those men and women who taught us with so much passion, zeal despite forsaking their monthly salary.

1)Mr.Beesoondeeal.10 to 12th standard Economics teacher in Mauritius.

The first day I attended Mr.Beesoondeeal tuition I was a little bit scared and was expecting him to be very strict and who will scare the hell out of me.To my surprise, He was  supercool, had this magnetic personality,extremely sharp,full of wit and yet down-to-earth.

Mr.Beesoondeeal made Economics damn easy for us and he never ever looked at any study materials while explaining the subject matter and its interpretation to us.Later,I came to know that both of us were taught by my favourite Professor.Mr.Joseph Lobo in Fergusson College.

2) 004:Megha Deuskar.Psychology teacher in Fergusson college in First year.

It’s taking me lots and lots of guts to admit that I had this crush on Megha-the way she likes us to call her and not Megha ma’am or Deuskar ma’am. Though bunking my previous Psychology lectures,I would make it a point not to miss any lectures of Megha Ma’am, the charismatic Psychology teacher.

Megha Ma’am first came to deliver a guest lecture in college and later taught us Psychology from January till the end of our exams. absolutely loved her artistic way of teaching the subject. There was always a smile on her face and the command she had on the subject was fantastic.

What I loved the most about Megha was that she has this human touch beyond lectures.Whenever I was not feeling well with fever, she would always ask me about my health and wondered how difficult it was to stay without parents.

Thanks Megha Ma’am,I fondly remember you.

3)2004:Prof.Sujata Deshpande,Economics teacher,Second year,Fergusson college.

Sujata ma’am,though she taught us for a very short span of time in Fergusson college was one teacher whose lectures remain forever entrenched in my heart.The language that she used to teach while explaining Economics was first rate and too beautiful.

Extremely professional to the core,Sujata ma’am never gave us notes and insisted that we understand the subject and its worldwide application because Economics is all about what happens around us.It’s one of the best lesson..she taught us to think Big and out of the box.Thanks,Mrs.Sujata Deshpande for those valuable lessons.

Dr.Nirmal Bhalerao,Fergusson college,First year and Second year(June 2003-April 2005)
pROF.Bhalerao has been my Economics lecturer for two years since the time I join Fergusson College.
Ma’am was very strict with us during our First semester and insisted that we regularly attend her classes or else Economics won’t be allocated to us as a special subject.So,we had to skip or breakfast,chai or coffee to attend her 07:00 a.m lecture.Bhalerao ma’am dictated notes to us and she had a lot of patience.If,by any chance,she missed her lecture,she would inform us in advance and take extra classes.During exams,she would take extra classes when college is over in order to answer our queries,giving extra notes.Man!this is professionalism and dedication at its best.
Dude!,IF you ever laugh or interrupt her classes,after one or two warnings you are out for the rest f the lecture.No amount of pleading will help.If she ask a question and you answer correctly,she reacts in her usual trademark:’are,wah wah!I remember during the start of our second year,I asked her reference books so that I can make my own notes.She was like:’I am giving you notes,enjoy your college life’
One thing which Ma’am did and touched my heart was when I’ve flunked one paper in second year,and in my final year,though she was not teaching me Economics,she took her own time and coached me.Once,I was late for paying my fees,She scolded me like a mother and took me to the cashier and asked me to do it fast and be responsible.
Thank you so much Dr.Bhalerao ma’am, you were my mother figure during my Fergusson College days.
Prof.Joseph Lobo,Philosophy teacher,June 2003-December 2005.
Prof.Lobo,a friend,philosopher and guide has given us so much to apply in our daily lives and has marked a big change in our lives.
I’m not writing a lot on Sir because I’ve already Written and if I have to a lot has to be said.So ,let’s be short and just say that he has been the best teacher in Fergie with the best personality.Prof.Lobo,you simply rock and you have given to us too much that we will not be able to repay.



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