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Reviw of the Last LEAR:Good film but not a master piece

This time Rituparna Ghosh’s  Last Lear starring Amitabh Bachchan, Preity Zinta, Arjun Ramphal and Shefali Shah is a decent attempt at revisiting Shakespeare.

The Script is a brilliant one and Amitabh beautifully fits into the character of a stage actor and a star and he does it with aplomb..But makes no mistake, his performance here doesn’t come close to Black or Agneepath. Preity and Arjun do an equally good job and the chemistry between Amitabh-Preity and Amitabh-Arjun is a treat to watch. But, Shefali has gone too much over the top by trying to be sensual..= Where is this brilliant actress of Satya, Gandhi-my father?

The main problem with the Last Lear is that it gets too much into narratives, and is too much theatrical in form. Also, the Director fails to hold the script spell-bound.

Nevertheless, the film has quite a few beautifully enacted scenes when the young journalist interviews Harry or when Harry recite some of his best lines to Arjun Ramphal when they first meet up. Also, the scene when the characters of both Amitabh and Preity yells as well as the last shot done with the close-up scenes.

The Last Lear is one film where the performances of all the actors will be remembered for long. But, it’s not a master-piece judging by the media stand on it. But this English movie is worth a watch for its novelty.



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