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After the debacle of Family, Director Rajkumar Santoshi makes a comeback with HALLA BOL casting Ajay Devgan, Vidya Balan, Pankaj Kapur.Halla bol is an honest attempt by the director to portray the need to stand up against all odds for a social cause. Certainly Halla bol doesn’t fall in the same league as Ghayal, Ghatak,  Damini, The legend of Bhagat Singh and even Khakee for that matter.

Halla Bol is the story of superstar Samir Khan (Ajay Devgan) who is happily married to Vidya Balan.One day he witnesses the murder of a girl in a party, committed by the son of an influential politician. In the start, he doesn’t bother but later decide to stand up for the cause. Ajay is competent as Samir Khan and it is a treat to watch him. While Vidya Balan, though not backed up by a powerful role delivers a honest performance.While Pankaj Kapur shines all the way as Ajay godfather and proves that he is one of the most powerful actors in the country.

Among the stand-up scenes:

1) The scene where Ajay pee on the carpet of the politician who boast that he got it from abroad

2)when one of the goondas threaten to kill his little daughter,Ajay pounce on him.Ajay perfectly shows the right kind of emotions

3) When Vidya answers to the media saying that she is proud that her husband has the balls take up the case of the politician.It’s a very bold scene perhaps for the first time in a Hindi movie.

4)When Pankaj Kapur makes fun of the death threat by pinching the cheeks of the industrialist. The actor is at his natural best.

Among the not so happening scenes, the struggle of Samir Khan from his village to meeting a film director was totally unwanted.

Secondly, in certain scenes, the Director should have worked more on the closeup of Ajay.

Thirdly, the main problem is the script which seems to drag throughout the movie.

In spite of a so-so script,  Director Santoshi salvage it by a decent portrayal of his characters and good acting ability most importantly a good attempt by him to create awareness among the people to take up things because one of us might be affected by what others are suffering.Till then, HALLA BOL AGE BOL…….



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