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A smile amidst the whole crowd

I stopped on my way, walking to catch the bus, at the nearby shop to buy a few stuffs for myself.Suddenly, a small girl of nine years of age caught my attention….she was of dark complexion and looks very tired. The child must be working very hard on a construction site or in someone else house to bring the fifty rupee note to the house.The shopkeeper gives her 50 paise back and she confidently asked for a toffee.I tried to empathize with and she gives me such a confident smile before walks on her way. Keep walking, I was tempted to say.

Well food for thought.Forget about child labor,the main thing is how many of us can manage to smile back to people when we have an exhausting day? For us it sound like we are the only victim of office oppression,we fume to the owner of the car or bike who dashes on our way,  not without expletives. If only we could smile back to our difficulties and treat it as a lesson or life experience….



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5 thoughts on “A smile amidst the whole crowd

  1. It’s funny how ordinary interactions can happen at the right moment and inspire something in us. I’m never comfortable taking pictures of those down on their luck, and really, I avoid photographing any stranger with the intent to post or distribute the photo. It just feels like an invasion of their privacy.

    1. It is an invasion of piracy and m dead against taking pic of kids whose innocence of robbed. Some try to appear cool doing it and pass it off with judgement. I may take to highlight their plight but not for fun.

  2. The first thing that caught my eyes were the year this post was published. You are a veteran, man. I am sure the child is very optimistic in her approach towards life. On several occasions, I seriously hope that strict laws should be implemented banning child labour ..but will this solve the issue of feeding a hungry stomach back home?

    1. Thanks Ajay. The small child caught my eyes and sad that there are a lack of laws to protect our children. It’s something that made me think on hungry stomachs when I saw the child for the first time.

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